We work in close collaboration with our suppliers. The products are of high quality and suitable for each sector of activity. Any new system sold comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and Froid Marin Inc. is an authorized agent.

  • High-end products from reputed manufacturers
  • Recommendations tailored to your needs
  • A follow-up from A to Z to answer your questions


Cleanliness and respect for your property is one of our highest priorities, since it’s the basis of our reputation. We perform any installation with the same care than a factory installation. We provide turnkey installation to facilitate your transition. For any change of existing unit, we carry out a research in our product bank, in order to offer the proper system for your needs and budget.

  • An expert and caring team
  • On-site service is possible
  • Quick and efficient installation

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To plan for a trouble-free summer season and/or to remove any doubt you may have about your system, Froid Marin Inc. may place you on a customer list for checking purposes. Being registered on this list allows you to be contacted when a technician is in your area. You will therefore benefit from reduced costs related to travel expenses.

  • Ensure the longevity of your vehicle and new parts
  • Learn more about our accessories from our experts
  • A schedule and an efficient organization


Thanks to a mobile unit, repairs are performed in the environment of the dysfunctional device, which help to consider the external factors that influence the correct functioning. Customers can also bring their refrigeration and air conditioning units to our reception-distribution point for a repair which will be done within one week. *Depending on the availability of parts*

  • Don’t take risks, rely on our experts
  • On-site services is possible
  • Short deadlines depending on the parts availability


Soft Starters: EasyStart™

is a one-of-a-kind, custom-developed soft starter for single-phase motors

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Control Boards

This control board is a redesigned, newly manufactured, footprint-compatible replacement that operates identically.

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Newly designed and manufactured control display

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