Reseller’s benefits

Froid Marin Inc. dealer/installer advantages, products:

  • Our Dealers and Installers mean a lot to Froid Marin and to our customers. They are dedicated to providing product advice, installation services and repair services.
  • Get a 15% to 25% discount on the products purchased online at (Unit and parts only).
  • Buy directly from our online store
  • The reseller portal accessible through the website will allow you to make your purchases at your cost price as well as to consult the minimum sale price of your customers, you will also be able to consult your purchase history and make a change of address to make shipments directly to your customers.  
  • Your business will be listed on our dealer locator map on the Froid Marin website, which can enhance your business opportunities.
  • OEM – Please contact us for further information.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Dealers must be able to provide installation assistance.
  • Dealers must provide proof of incorporation or commercial insurance license.
  • Dealers must include a hyperlink on their site, redirecting the user to the website (details to be determined). The link can redirect the user to the home page, to a product page or to the dealer page.

Prioritization of discounts / Discount ranking:

  • The discount ranking is based on an annual 12-month sales report, which will be reviewed by management to verify sales figures.
  • Dealers must maintain a balance of $1,200.00 to $5,000.00 + tx/year to maintain the 15-25% dealer discount.

Sales Channel Restrictions:

  • There will be no sales on Amazon or eBay without prior approval. Froid Marin Inc. reserves the right to terminate its partnership with dealers at our discretion for any or no reason.
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